Export Grades

Instructors can export grades from the Keyboarding Online Lab to a file they can then use for their own purposes.

To export grades

STEP 1: Click the Grade Setup link in the NAVIGATION pane.

STEP 2: Click the Export tab.

STEP 3: Choose your export file type by clicking either the OpenDocument spreadsheet tab, Plain text file tab, the Excel spreadsheet tab or XML file tab.

STEP 4: Select any Options you want to customize your exported file.

  • Include feedback in export refers to any feedback the instructor has recorded for the student. (this feature is currently unavailable)
  •  only includes students in the export whose enrollment is active and has not been suspended.
  • Grade export display type refers to the format in which each score will be displayed.
  • Grade export decimal points refer to the number of decimal points that will display in the exported file.

STEP 5: All export types have nearly identical options, with Plain text file having the added Separator option.

STEP 6: Select the check boxes next to the graded items you wish to include in the exported file from the Grade items to be included section.

Select/ Unselect all

To quickly select or unselect all checkboxes at once, scroll to the bottom and click Select all/none.

STEP 7:  Click the Download button given at the bottom of the page.

STEP 8: The Save As dialog box will prompt you to save the file. It is advised that you change the file name. Make a note of the location where you are downloading the file. Click the Save button.


STEP 9: Navigate to the location where the file was downloaded, and double-click the file to open.

STEP 10: You can now import this file into your designated learning management system using the importing procedure of that product.

Export Format Options in Detail

 Export format options for XML file

Export format options for Excel spreadsheet

Export format options for Plain Text file

Updated on July 19, 2017

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