Navigation Pane for Students

The NAVIGATION pane on the left side of the page allows you to maneuver around your Paradigm Keyboarding course. It provides quick access to courses, activities, students, grades, and reports. Your Online Lab assignments are listed to the right, in what is referred to as the content pane.

  • Dashboard: Opens a list of available courses. Click a course name to open the course
  • My Courses: Opens a list of your available courses
  • Calendar: Allows you to Create New Event, as well as export the Calendar
  • Reports: Access several reports showing progress and results

Hiding and Docking the Navigation Pane

STEP 1: If you decide that you do not want to see the contents of the NAVIGATION pane, you can minimize it by clicking the hide button.

STEP 2: To expand the NAVIGATION pane back to its normal size, you can click the show button.

STEP 3: If you need more screen space for the course content section (the center pane of the page), you can choose to dock the NAVIGATION pane to the sidebar. Click the dock button to the right of the hide/show button.

STEP 4: When docked, the NAVIGATION pane shrinks to a small tab on the far left of your screen. Mouse over the NAVIGATION pane to view the contents. To undock it, click the undock button.


Updated on September 21, 2017

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