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Pretest and Posttest Timings

Keyboarding pretests and posttests are available for all three of the Paradigm Keyboarding, Seventh Edition books. After you have chosen which timing or timings their students will use, print the page or pages and provide to the student.

Pretests can be used to ascertain the keyboarding skills of students at the beginning of a course.

At the conclusion of a course, the pretest results taken at the beginning of a term can provide a benchmark from which to measure student progress during the course.

Furthermore, if your institution has an option for students to test-out of a course, the pretest can be used as part of this procedure. However, for the 1‒60 and 61‒120 books, keyboarding is only one of several skills covered by the textbooks and Online Lab.

Posttests can be used as an assessment tool at the conclusion of a course term.

  • Posttests for the 1‒30 book are taken from Sessions 34‒60.
  • Posttests for the 1‒60 book are taken from the 61‒120 book.
  • Posttests for the 61‒120 book do not appear in any of the books.

Updated on August 10, 2017

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